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From guitars to French horns - we have music groups for everyone!
We offer a FREE trial session for all groups, so if you're interested in any of them, email to set up a trial.

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All RHYO members, please visit the RHYO Noticeboard to keep up-to-date with your rehearsal dates, events and more. InterConnect members please click here for all your ensemble updates.

Keys Connect

For young musicians looking to improve their skills on the piano/keyboard.

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Kit Connect

For all young musicians with a keen interest in drumming who are looking to learn and improve their skills.

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Area Bands

Area Bands are open to all students in Nottingham City and are a great opportunity for children to improve their musical skills and make friends!

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RHYO InterConnect

RHYO InterConnect (Grade 1 - 4) is our training orchestra for young people in Nottingham City schools.

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Robin Hood Youth Orchestra

Robin Hood Youth Orchestra (RHYO) is an exciting & evolving ensemble that plays a diverse range of music and performs at unique venues throughout the year.

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Band Connect

For young people wishing to learn the basics on keyboard, drums, guitar, and bass. Primary & secondary sessions!

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Voice Connect

For 13-18 year olds in Nottingham City who want to improve their singing and harmonising skills.

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String Folk Connect

String Folk Connect is a lovely, friendly small group ensemble for string players in Nottingham City.

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Salsa Jazz Connect

For woodwind, brass & percussion players - this funky ensemble will help you improve your musical skills and make new friends!

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Guitar Connect

For young people who can play the guitar around Grade 1 level and are looking to improve their skills further.

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Robin Hood Young Voices

An exciting vocal group for young people aged 8 - 14 who want to sing a wide range of repertoire and make new friends.

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Instrument Shift

For children who want to play Tuba, French Horn & Saxophone.

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Instrument Loan & Hire

NMH offers an extended hire and loan scheme for people learning to play musical instruments in the city of Nottingham.

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