Secondary School Provision

Offer to Schools 2024-25

Nottingham Music Hub works with secondary schools, colleges and academies across Nottingham City, offering a range of music making opportunities from small group ensembles to music technology, as well as city-wide competitions and events that offer young people a chance to showcase their talent and learn from talented professionals.

Music making has far-reaching benefits for young people, improving their confidence, social skills, motivation to learn, engagement with school and more. These benefits are more pronounced the longer young people continue with their music making.

The transition from primary to secondary school is crucial to young people's development and ability to succeed in and out of school. Many pupils tend to give up music at this juncture, which can be avoided with the help of music hubs working with secondary schools and providing inspirational opportunities for pupils to continue their musical progression.

Our Music Teaching Provision available to secondary schools is outlined below.

Music Instrumental Tuition

Small group (up to 6) or 1-1 instrumental vocal tuition and School choirs/ instrumental ensembles. Can be direct billing to parents (though we don’t recommend it as unlikely to promote inclusive approach). This cost does not include instruments, which can be loaned at a subsidised rate if they are in stock.

Brass tuition
Strings tuition
Woodwind tuition
Keys tuition
Vocal tuition
Guitar tuition
School choirs

Cost - £40 per hour, minimum 2 hours a week
Prices are costed for 32 weeks across the year. You can book extra at the end of the year if you wish

Education & Bass

An exciting new partnership dedicated to enhancing educational experiences through the innovative use of music technology. The offer is comprehensive and can be arranged bespoke to suit your needs and price point. They range from short workshops to year-long learning, from online resources to in-person teaching. Your staff can receive CPD to deliver in confidence themselves, and your students could work towards a Music Production Rock school accreditation. Please contact us for more information.

Cost – Bespoke package, price available on request

DJ Skills: Partnership with Noise Academy

Nottingham Music Hub has partnered with Noise Academy to offer a new, exciting aspect to music lessons through DJ skills while teaching the underpinning concepts of musical elements, context and language. By participating in the weekly sessions, students will learn how to DJ, produce their own music, play in front of their peers and showcase their music online whilst gaining accreditations. You can sign up to this for one half term, a term or annually

Cost - £40 per hour, minimum 3 hours per week

To book provision with us, please complete our booking form by Friday, 26th July 2024. 

Instrument Hire

Instrument hire is charged at £8 per instrument

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to the NMH staff teaching in your schools or just send us an email at If you want to book provision with us, please email for a booking form.

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