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Music Hubs combine to inspire music education opportunities in the region

We are really pleased to announce that our joint bid to Arts Council England has been successful in uniting Nottinghamshire and Nottingham music hubs to deliver music education opportunities in the region.

From September 2024 the new music hub consortium led by Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries with Nottingham Music Service will increase the range and reach of music opportunities across the region for communities, children and young people.

Please read our press release below:

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Lead Schools for Music - Applications Open Now!

Nottingham Music Service is looking for schools to co-deliver their mission to make music make a difference in Nottingham City. Find out more here.

Winner of 'Excellence in SEND' award

The MEHEM UpRising team have won a prestigious Music Expo award, ‘Excellence in SEND (Music and Drama)’, for their achievements in developing equitable music provision for pupils who are disabled and/or have additional learning needs. So proud to be part of this ambitious and dedicated team! 

Find out how Nottingham Music Service is part of a great collaborative effort to remove barriers to music education for children with additional needs. Delivered in partnership with the OHMI Trust and Creative United, the programme has successfully engaged children who previously were not included in music education. We are delighted to be taking this project further and continuing making a difference with our fantastic partner organisations.

Featured in the Gulbenkian Foundation's Case Studies Series

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)'s report The Arts in Schools (1982) , A New Direction has commissioned a suite of case studies that reflects on arts and education 40 years since this report. Together, these 24 case studies cover a mix of artform specialism, school need, individual focus, community change and inclusive practices. We are delighted that Nottingham Music Hub is part of the series - read the full report here.

The Terrific Trombonist

Mario, 9, started learning to play the trombone in Year 4. This was his first time learning to play an instrument, and he was very nervous because he has a hearing impairment.

When it comes to music, that could have been a barrier however Mario has shown incredible determination.

Tracy, Mario’s signer, said, The first thing Mario said when he saw a trombone was: I can’t do that!, but he still gave it a go and he has gained so much confidence from it. He enjoys the lessons a lot and it has even allowed him to be a part of the Great Orchestra Experiment.

Tweaking the music lessons and giving Mario the encouragement and support he needed made all the difference. Mario counts among the wonderful young musicians in Nottingham City and has shown that with courage, commitment and a little bit of support, we can unlock incredible talent!

Guitar Hero

After a few interrupted months of learning the guitar as part of the Whole Class Ensemble programme during the pandemic in 2020, Jayden decided this year to join the Year 5 follow-on group in school.

Jayden's progress on the guitar has been amazing! He has his own guitar and plays every day.

Hearing the song ‘Beat It’ in his school assembly, Jayden loved it so much he actually taught himself to play the song by watching videos on YouTube. He even created a tutorial booklet of how to play the piece, complete with tab notation and supportive practice suggestions. Jayden has leant this book to a few of his friends to help them learn the song too!

This summer Jayden passed his Grade 1 Guitar Exam with a Distinction, and as his teacher says, there is no doubt that this will only be the first step of a lifelong journey in his love of guitar and music.

We believe that music makes a difference. As a registered charity and lead partner for the Nottingham Music Education Hub, we are committed to making music more accessible and inclusive. We support young people from across the city to develop their musical skills, and participate in diverse ensembles and performances, contributing to the cultural life of our great city.

Nottingham Music Hub is a great organisation for musical young people to get involved in. Above all, it brings music into all our lives! Our house is always full of music, rushing to gigs, rehearsals, liaising about equipment, playlists, timings, creating a sense of responsibility, reliability, and creativity. I have been to concerts and venues I would never previously imagined, so we mustn't forget or underestimate the impact music has on us parents as well as our children. Life enhancement. Life enrichment!

Ensemble Participant's Parent

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