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Striking the right note: the music subject report

Read the latest UK Government report on the strengths and weaknesses in school music education. The report also recommends ways that school and subject leaders can improve pupils' experience of music education in school.

The Arts in Schools

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)'s report The Arts in Schools (1982), A New Direction has commissioned a suite of case studies that reflects on arts and education 40 years since this seminal report. Nottingham Music Hub is delighted to be featured in this series. The full report is now live and you can read it here.

These case studies have been designed as practical resources with inspiring examples responding to concerns that might come up as you explore the value of the arts in education in your own setting. Each case study has taken a how-to approach and can provide support on developing your ideas.

Read Nottingham Music Hub's case study focusing on building equity and inclusion in music education.

School Music Development Plan TEMPLATE - Primary

The new National Music Plan “The power of music to change lives – A National Plan for Music Education” (DfE 2022) puts an expectation on all schools to have a new School Music Development Plan in place by September 2023. Music Hubs are asked to initiate discussions and support schools in developing their plan.

We have developed a template for this plan which outlines the key DfE requirements and links to ways that the music hub can support schools.

Many thanks to the primary music coordinators who reviewed this template and made suggestions for improvement and clarity. The first music network meeting in 2023 will have this plan as the major focus, with opportunities to share progress and ideas with colleagues

As always, please contact the music hub via for help and support or talk to music hub staff if you see them in school.


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The DfE National Music Plan 2022

This ambitious plan was published in June 2022 and includes major new expectations on schools, trust and music hubs, both individually and working together. Read it here:

The power of music to change lives – A National Plan for Music Education

Progression Framework for Music KS 1-2

Nottingham Schools Trust and Nottingham Music Hub have developed a Music Progression Framework for KS1-2: a carefully sequenced progression route integrating the work of schools and the music hub into a city-wide framework where all aspects work together, meeting both the requirements of the national curriculum for music and the DfE National Plan for Music Education and Model Music Curriculum.

This second edition of the progression framework has been revised to align with the new DfE Model Music Curriculum.


PDF file Download

City schools are welcome to download a copy of the framework (click above) and adapt it for their use as long as they give credit to Nottingham Schools Trust and Nottingham Music Hub. Editable and up-to-date versions of the framework, along with resources, are available via the music hub SharePoint site. Contact for information on how to access this

The framework outlines carefully sequenced learning across key stages 1 and 2, and is designed as a city-wide approach that can be interpreted and delivered in different ways. There is no pressure for any school to use it, but we hope it will be helpful for schools in light of the Ofsted framework, as the framework shows carefully sequenced progression and clarifies how music hub initiatives and extra-curricular activities are part of an integrated whole.

The common framework will also make it easier to develop common resources and CPD. We are inviting schools with good resources for particular areas of this framework to upload them to a shared site, so that over time we build a rich, shared resource base tied to agreed progression mileposts cross the city.

For access to the shared site or more information on the framework, please contact

The framework has been developed and refined by staff from:

Model Music Curriculum for KS 1 - 3

The Department for Education has just published the new model music curriculum for children aged 5-14 in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

The curriculum shows a lot of promise, featuring great composers from around the world and focusing on a range of genres and styles.. Download the full curriculum by clicking on the link below.

Model Music Curriculum KS1-3

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Under the terms of the Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML), schools should submit data on what they are copying and arranging. This can be done on a termly basis, saving teachers time. To upload data, you visit their easy-to-use portal here.

Every Copy Counts is here to raise awareness about the Schools Printed Music Licence and support schools in submitting their copy data. Teachers can access a range of information, guidance and resources to support them with meeting the terms of the licence, including termly drop in events to have questions answered. Visit their website here to find out more!

School Governors Guide

The school governors guide to Music Education, developed by Arts Council England (ACE) in partnership with the National Governors Association (NGA) and Music Mark, provides valuable information for governors of schools across England about the importance, benefits, and value of music education within and beyond a school’s curriculum. Click here to visit the Music Mark website where you can download the guide.

Music Network Sessions

The Music Network sessions are held once a term in collaboration with the Nottingham Schools Trust. Meetings focus on a range of topics and the agenda is shared with participants beforehand. The sessions are FREE and any Nottingham City School's music staff can attend. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to network with peers, share resources and discuss new topics relevant to music education.

The latest network meeting was held online on 25th May 2021 and was attended by 30 music leads from across Nottingham City Schools. The main topic for the session was the new Model Music Curriculum and its implementation in schools. Please see below resource documents from the session.

Nottingham Music Hub Presentation on MMC

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MMC Overview by Sutton Music Service

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Singing Circles by Sue Nicholls

In a pre-recorded EYFS workshop for the MEHEM 'Road to Recovery' conference, Sue Nicholls offers delegates a FREE song book that she wrote in the first lockdown. The resource book is called 'Singing Circles' and the activities promote communal singing, language acquisition and social play. As the title suggests, the songs are sung in circles using scrunchies, Lycra sheets and parachutes as props. Please see below the resource files for running Singing Circles. The information booklet provides details on how to run these sessions and the folders below have the required MP3s you can download.

Singing Cirlces - Info Booklet

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Exam Strategy

As part of our ongoing support, Nottingham Music Hub provides opportunities for children and young people to gain accreditation through grade exams.

Music Teachers' Board Grade Examinations

In addition to Music Medals, we also offer support to our continuing students to take Grade examinations through MTB.

Students who are taught in city schools by our core teaching team are eligible to take these exams in the July of each academic year. The music service supports this by helping with the cost of exams and by providing workshops in the lead up to the exams.

For further information please contact the music team at

Artsmark Offer

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. It provides a clear framework for teachers to plan, develop and evaluate arts, culture and creativity across the curriculum.

Nottingham Music Hub is an Artsmark partner organisation, and can support schools in applications for silver, gold or platinum status. Most schools in the city are already engaging with music hub activities, so chances are you already have some excellent evidence for meeting Artsmark criteria.

For example:

Nottingham Music Hub initiatives such as the Great Orchestra Experiment, Christmas in the City, Noise from the Next Generation and Sing City provide opportunities for young people (YP) to prepare for live performances, showcase their work and experience exciting, inspiring and engaging live music from a range of cultures

Christmas in the City, Summer Sing and other singing events provide CPD for teachers and shared good practice resources across schools.

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition, In Harmony programmes, Area Bands, the innovative Music Camp and the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra family of ensembles give YP the chance to develop their skills over a longer period of time. The many schools engaging with these integrated progression routes will be able to utilise data collected for the DfE, showing that Nottingham city schools lead the way in terms of equality and diversity in music education.

Get in touch with us for help and advice about using music hub initiatives as part of your Artsmark application. For more information about Artsmark, click here.

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