Great Orchestra Experiment

Great Orchestra Experiment 2022

We are still basking in the glow from our incredible Great Orchestra Experiment on 23 March, 2022. A MASSIVE thank you to the wonderful Robin Hood Youth Orchestra, the beautiful Albet Hall Nottingham, the College St. Tech team, and the dedicated Nottingham City School staff and pupils.

Great Orchestra Experiment at the Nottingham Albert Hall

943 city pupils participated in the Great Orchestra Experiment, representing 29 schools from across Nottingham City. To enable as many children as possible to participate safely, we held three sessions on the day. City pupils not just saw the incredibly talented Robin Hood Youth Orchestra perform a wide range of musical pieces, they also got to participate by learning how to conduct, solving troublesome tasks and challenges, playing their instruments and helping to reunite the multiverse! It was a magical day.

Virtual Great Orchestra Experiment days

An online adaptation of this year’s event where pupils will be able to join in from their classroom will take place as well. Spaces for this are unlimited and are open to Years 4, 5 and 6. Year 3 are welcome to join too, but please be aware that they may need extra support from school staff! Virtual GOE can be accessed both with and without instruments. We will do our best to timetable an NMS member of staff to be at your school to help support with the session. Even if you have a class signed up to live GOE, other classes are welcome to attend the virtual event. The dates for virtual GOE are:

Click below to access (1st April) today's event:

Great Orchestra Experiment 2022 - Friday 01/04/22 - [10.00am Show] - YouTube

Thank you and all the team for the wonderful Great Orchestra Experiment yesterday. Our year 4s were amazed and inspired to hear RHO play. It was fabulous!

Primary school staff

GOE Fees

The cost for attending the LIVE GOE is £100 per class for those schools who work with us and £250 per class for schools who currently are not receiving music provision from us. There is NO charge for attending the virual GOE!

If you are from a county school and are interested in the Great Orchestra Experiment, please do get in touch at

Great Orchestra Experiment 2021

Thank you to all the wonderful Nottingham City Schools and pupils who took part in our very first virtual Great Orchestra Experiment!

We are delighted to say that GOE 2021 went as brilliantly as ever! We had 4,130 pupils representing 51 schools from across the city participate in the event. All KS2 classes were welcome to participate. There was no need for any instruments, and all singing elements were optional with no requirement to have learned or practised anything in advance so the whole event was fully inclusive!

As planned, there were two GOE performances each day from 12 – 16 July 2021, one at 10.00am and another at 1.30pm. We even had pupils joining in from their homes where they were self-isolating! We are very impressed by the school staff and pupils' dedication to making music.

Great Orchestra Experiment

The Great Orchestra Experiment is an annual event, featuring the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra and friends, for city pupils where they get to be part of the actual performance.

Each year, schools are sent invitations to join GOE. For the last four years, we have had around 30 schools participate in the event. GOE provides an opportunity for children, many of whom have never attended a live performance, to see an orchestra play and to participate with high quality musicians. This means that one of the most positive outcomes of GOE is cultivating a new audience for music and engaging with groups of all backgrounds.

That was even better than playing on my X-box! I want to do more music now!

Student participant from GOE 2019

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this occasion - of course from the orchestral point of view - they were of an amazing standard and there is much talent to nurture - but also because of the skill and dedication of the staff in providing this interactive music event for primary school children. To see all of these young people engaged musically with their instruments and interacting with the orchestra - and thoroughly enjoying themselves - was wonderful.

Audience member/parent of participating pupil

Nottingham Music Hub