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Looking to Hire!

Nottingham Music Hub is looking for a saxophone teacher to teach on Monday afternoons for two 25 minute lessons (1:25 - 1:50pm and 1:55 - 2:20pm). Lessons would, at least initially, be delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams. Pay is £25 per hour.

Please note that this part-time opportunity can lead to additional opportunities with the hub as we prepare our teaching timetable for 2021-22. Please email if you are interested in this opportunity.

Welcome to Nottingham Music Hub! Scroll below to meet our fantastic team.

Team Leaders

Graham Drummond

Team Leader and String Teacher


Faye Oakland

Team Leader and Brass Teacher


Helen Murray

Team Leader and Woodwind Teacher


Ian Marshall

Team Leader and Guitar Teacher


Claire Dyer

Team Leader and Guitar Teacher


Teaching Staff

Belinda Burnard

String Teacher

Laura McClay

String Teacher

Matt Appleyard

String Teacher

Mahaliah Edwards

String Teacher

Rosemary Healy

String Teacher

Rachel Johnson

String Teacher

Amy Cisar

String Teacher

Tony Lovell

Brass Teacher

Nathan Gregory

Brass Teacher

Luke Atkinson

Brass Teacher

Eloise Oates-Lidar

Brass Teacher

Tom Davis

Brass Teacher

Hannah Crawford

Brass Teacher

Chloe Phillips

Woodwind Teacher

Carrie Teodorescu

Woodwind Teacher

Emma Townsend

Woodwind Teacher

Thomas Frankenburg

Guitar Teacher

Chris Hull

Guitar Teacher

Administration Staff

Ian Burton

Chief Executive Officer


Michael Aspinall

Business, Operations & Strategy Manager


Lucy North

Organisational Administrator


07564 843944 / 07719 146007

Hannah Barrs

Programmes and Partnerships Coordinator


07564 843944

Alex Martin

Administrative Assistant


Aisha Iqbal

Development Officer


Carol Bell

Finance Manager


Board Members

Nottingham Music Hub has 8 members on its Board of Trustees.

David Mellen

David is a City Councillor and was formerly a Head Teacher. In both roles he has seen the positive impact Nottingham Music Service has on children. He is committed to a broad educational experience for children and music is a vital part of that.

Barbara Morgan

Barbara has extensive management experience, and assists the board with staff and Health & Safety issues. She believes that young people gain great benefits from learning a musical instrument, performing and participating in groups.

Tamba Roy

Tamba has extensive experience in education leadership at primary school and college level. Currently he works as a consultant leading training events around the country, supporting the success of children, school staff and school leaders.

David Wesker (Treasurer)

Our treasurer David is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA), and a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CTA). He currently works for a prestigious accountancy firm.

Amanda Dawson

Amanda is the headteacher at Mellers Primary School. She is passionate about music and has created an environment in her school where music is as important as other subjects and an integral part of the school culture.

Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke leads One Nottingham. His expertise is in organsing partnerships and collaborative work across the public, business, community and voluntary sectors is integral to our work as a music education hub.

James Gibbons (Chair)

James is a solicitor and deals with legal matters for Nottingham Music Service.

I have had the pleasure of being a Trustee for three years. Throughout this time I have witnessed the powerful impact the Nottingham Music Hub has on children and young people in our city. As an author and an education consultant, I focus upon wellbeing and overcoming challenges. It is clear when attending the concerts, residential events and school workshops that tenacity, creativity, fun and success are embedded within the NMH programmes. Seeing young people displaying such resilience and exceeding their own expectations is inspirational. The staff team, led so skilfully by Ian Burton, are clearly passionate about giving all young people the opportunity to engage with music and develop their many talents. It is an honour to support an organisation that is helping so many Nottingham City children to nurture a love of music and creativity.

Tamba Roy, NMH Trustee

Nottingham Music Hub