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Even though it’s a short trip to my “office” (the dining table), it was still a struggle to get there on time after the clocks went forward this weekend! Some things don’t change! However, this has been a week of huge change, with colleagues and friends all commenting on the breathtaking pace with which they are having to learn new skills, especially tech skills, that will enable them to work from home and keep businesses and other organisations running.

Our students seem to learn these skills with ease, with a second Saturday morning online Robin Hood Youth Orchestra going really well. The online lessons on our Digital Lessons page have also been received very positively. Thank you to the teachers, young musicians and parents who have commented so positively on the benefits that continuing to learn and rehearse are bringing – comments such as I really appreciate all the efforts that you are all putting in at the Music Hubreally buoy us up and make us redouble our efforts to make the lessons and rehearsals interactive, engaging and,in the case of the rehearsals, a great opportunity for friends to socialise online.  

The media and other Music Hubs have also picked up on what RHYO are achieving, with a very positive article published by Music Mark, and enquiries from other Hubs about how to make rehearsals for their Youth Orchestras whilst adhering to strict safeguarding protocols a reality. It feels good to be in the vanguard of something so beneficial and positive!

I’ve learned today that some, if not all, Nottingham City schools will be staying open for the children of key workers over the Easter holiday. Teachers work extraordinarily hard, and that they are giving up their precious holiday time to support their communities is inspirational and deserving of recognition. We had the (well-deserved) “applause for the NHS” last Thursday – maybe we should have a national “make a noise on your instrument for teachers” this week at the same time, to say thank you?

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We believe that music makes a difference. As a registered charity and lead partner for the Nottingham Music Education Hub, we are committed to making music more accessible and inclusive. We support young people from across the city to develop their musical skills, and participate in diverse ensembles and performances, contributing to the life of our great city.

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