CPD Opportunities

Following are current CPD offers by Nottingham Music Hub:

CPD Series for Primary School Staff

We are excited to launch a new series of CPD workshops for primary school staff. The main objective of these sessions will be to focus on progression in music across Years 1-3. Staff will develop subject knowledge in music and benefit from practical examples of activities they can try out in their classrooms. Sessions will be related to the Nottingham Music Progression Framework, incorporating the National Curriculum and Model Music Curriculum.

All sessions are free. Please see below for dates and booking links of upcoming workshops.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, feel free to email hannah.barrs@nottinghammusichub.org.uk

Thursday, 28th Apr 2022

The session will be led by Helen & Faye. The topic for the workshop is composing and improvising (Part I). Book your free place in now: https://bit.ly/2ZioAou

Monday, 16th May 2022

The session will be led by Helen & Faye, and continue from the last session's discussion on composing and improvising (Part II). Book here: https://bit.ly/3CODyQE

Certificate for Music Educators

The Certificate for Music Educators (CME) is an accredited qualification, validated by Trinity College London, and run by the combined Music Education Hubs for the East Midlands (MEHEM)

The MEHEM CME programme was started in 2013 as an in-service route for music educators without prior teacher training to help them gain the required skills to ensure that children in schools have high quality learning experiences.

Nottingham Music Hub, as part of MEHEM, has gone one step further and uses the CME qualification as the foundation for a one-year full time trainee programme. This programme is especially helpful for people just starting their careers. The trainees work in schools alongside experienced staff and complete their certification while gaining teaching experience. The CME has brought the music hubs in the East Midlands together and created a platform for great partnerships and exciting music making opportunities.

For more information on what the course includes, costs and how to make a booking, please visit the MEHEM website.

This is an excellent centre and a model for what the CME can achieve and how learners can be supported in their professional development. Assessment systems are rigorous but supportive, and the professional development materials and sessions are of a very high quality

Trinity College, London

MEHEM has been running the CME course since 2013. It is the largest Trinity CME centre, with the highest number of successful candidate certifications in the country

*(as of April 2019)

Music Network Meetings

The Music Network sessions are held once a term in collaboration with the Nottingham Schools Trust. Meetings focus on a range of topics and the agenda is shared with participants beforehand.

These sessions are a great opportunity for teachers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and topics in music education in the country.

Our spring term Music Leads Network Meeting, run with the kind support of NST, will take place on Tuesday 8th February, 4.00 - 5.30pm, on Microsoft Teams. A Teams invitation will be sent to everyone who has booked a place a few days prior to the meeting. If you would like to attend but haven’t yet booked, there is still time! Just register your details on our Eventbrite page here.

The meeting will cover local and national updates and opportunities, an update on Grade exams with the Music Teachers Board (MTB) and feedback and assessment in Music (including an opportunity to moderate pupil work together). 

We came away so excited with all the ideas that we have learned and want to share them with the staff. For us, the whole meeting was presented at a level for everyone to take away something.

Nottingham City primary school teacher

Move On Up! Transition Project CPD

Move On Up! is a brand new, exciting transition project designed to support young people with their musical learning as they move from primary to secondary school.

As part of this programme, a fantastic post-SATS Year 6 Transition Unit of Work for Music based around the piece Twist & Shout has been developed. Free CPD for Year 6 teachers and support staff on delivering the Unit will run online on:

Thursday 21 April, 3.30pm- 5.00pm

Wednesday 18 May, 3.30pm-5.00pm.

To register your interest please email Hannah.barrs@nottinghammusichub.org.uk

There will also be a celebratory and networking event as part of the project, held at the beautiful Albert Hall on 11th July 2022. Find out more about the event here.

Nottingham Music Hub