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If you have an instrument at home then the links below have been made for you by your music teachers to help you practice! If you do not have access to an instrument then please follow the two links at the bottom of this page to see our other resources.

Seely Scheme for Remote Learning – Year 6 Clarinets

Please see resources for Seely Year 4 here.

Tequila (D E F# G) follow conductor for structure, pitch reading, syncopated rhythms

Hard Rock Blues – music medal piece(C D F G A) Rhythm reading, Pitch reading (full stave, lesson 2 & 3 takes away the note names) 

Havana – phase D/E(A F E D C low A) Rhythm reading (introduces sniff) Pitch reading (full stave but with note names underneath) 

After Supper – grade 1 (G F E D B) Swing rhythm, slurs, dynamics, improvisation

Year 6 Brass

Shepherds Hey

 Lesson 1   Lesson 2 


 Lesson 1   Lesson 2 

Jungle Bit

 Lesson 1   Lesson 2   Lesson 3 

If you do not have an instrument at home, or your year group isn't listed above you can access our non instrument resources below!

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