Offers for Primary Schools

Nottingham Music Hub works with 76% of primary schools in Nottingham City and if your school would like to join our amazing community, please read on below. 

For professional development opportunities with the music hub, please see our CPD Resources page.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching 2022-23

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) gives all Year 4 pupils the opportunity to learn an instrument as a whole class during regular class time.

Why WCET is a great offer:

• We provide at least one class set of instruments (brass/strings/woodwind/guitar), which is worth up to £6,000!

• We also have exciting opportunities for pupils to attend inspirational musical events and perform alongside experienced & professional musicians (in the past we've worked with Apollo5, Durgesh Parmar, Robin Hood Orchestra, ROB.GREEN, DJ Mr. Switch & more)

• We offer free and/or subsidised city-wide performances at major professional venues and access to the Area Band Network, which are our after-school beginner orchestral groups

• Subsidised opportunities for pupils to participate in fantastic residential activities like the Music Camp at YHA Ilam, Peak District

Weekly WCET

Half a day of instrumental tuition every week. Annual cost: £2,890

Please note that in the event of restrictions relating to Covid-19, NMS will be able to offer a full programme of online lessons and events and / or an alternative non-instrument curriculum to enable music teaching and learning to continue without disruption for your pupils.

Ensemble Opportunities

Nottingham Music Hub believes that everyone should have the opportunity to make music. We offer the following ensembles for primary-school aged children:

Area Bands - redefining concepts of who can play in an orchestra! Beginner level groups that make amazing music, perform at exciting concerts and are a great platform for children to improve their musical skills & make friends

Connect Ensembles - three small group ensembles for Strings players, Woodwind & Brass players, and Guitarists, designed for young people who have some experience of playing their instruments and are interested in continuing to play along with their friends.

Robin Hood Young Voices - an exciting new vocal group for 8 - 14 year olds that will meet once every week and learn to sing a wide and amazing range of genres and styles.

Upbe^t & Bloco Notto Beginner's Group - Bloco Notto resumes this year and we're also starting a new rhythm group which will be perfect for creative and enthusiastic young musicians!

RHYO InterConnect - our new and improved training orchestra that is the perfect stepping stone to the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra. Ideal for pupils who have given their Grade 1 exam and can play at Grade 1 and above.


Opportunities with Partner Organisations

Nottingham Music Hub's partner organisation BeatFeet offer ‘A Party in the Rainforest’, a creative music making programme designed for nursery, reception and KS1 children that uses global percussion, play props and life-size animal puppets.

BeatFeet also offers ‘Jumping Djembes’, which are drumming circles that use music to boost children’s social and emotional development. These are themed workshops which offer children the opportunity to play African djembe drums and sing songs in different languages.

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