In Harmony Programmes

Nottingham is one of only seven cities in England to run the exciting In Harmony programme, an inspirational model of whole class teaching that aims to transform the lives of children using the power and disciplines of community-based orchestral music-making.

The In Harmony (IH) programme aims to positively transform the lives of children through music. Part-funded by the Department for Education and National Lottery through Arts Council England, it also has programmes in Lambeth, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Telford and Stoke. Evaluation studies show that these programmes have helped to improve children’s well-being, concentration, stress management and behavioural skills, which in turn positively impacts their achievement in and out of school.

See the Arts Council short film below, which includes footage from our Nottingham City schools, on how the IH programmes are an integral part of the schools and their ethos.

In Harmony Models Currently Running in Schools

NMH receives funding from The Arts Council and Department of Education to run this programme, which reduces the cost for schools to access it. As an additional subsidy, the music hub also offers at least one full set of classroom instruments (brass/strings/woodwind/guitars) worth up to £6,000!

At the music hub, we understand that each school is different and often will have its own unique requirements. As a result, the hub has adapted to these different needs and is currently running three models of IH in schools.

Bronze In Harmony

One morning per week during term-time with two members of staff. Annual cost: £3,756

Silver In Harmony

One whole day a week during term-time with two members of staff. Annual cost: £6,855

Gold In Harmony

Two whole days per week with two members of staff. Annual cost: £12,730

Please note that the costs for In Harmony 2022-23 will remain the same as mentioned above. 

The In Harmony journey does not end at in-school learning. City pupils are encouraged and supported to take part in Music Hub ensembles and events throughout the year, benefiting from making music together with pupils from across the city as well as performing at iconic city venues and experiencing the thrill of seeing and performing with professional artists.

The IH programme is free of charge for all pupils and there should be no barriers to accessing the programme.

In the event of restrictions relating to Covid-19, NMH will be able to offer a full programme of online lessons and events and / or an alternative non-instrument curriculum to enable music teaching and learning to continue without disruption for pupils.

Please note that due to limited resources, we are currently unable to offer In Harmony to new schools. However, we have fantastic provision offers for you here.

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