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Ultimate Flyby Orchestra

The Ultimate Flyby Orchestra is an orchestra that can morph into a salsa band. One minute it could be a Big Band, the next an Asian Fusion group. A Hollywood session orchestra that transforms back into a classical orchestra or into the unknown...

The UFO consists of highly skilled musicians with links to Nottingham, who are dedicated to providing high quality performances and breaking down barriers between musical styles. Supporting the work of Nottingham Music Service (via funds raised at UFO events), the group provides an exciting and innovative alternative to the traditional orchestral experience.

UFO meets from time to time rather than regularly but will pop up to do a gig on three rehearsals (hence 'Flyby'). We are building a pool of musicians on an invitation basis and will fix the ensemble for each event, depending on availability and the forces needed for the music being performed.

Over 18 and interested in being part of the pool? Email

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