How to train your dragon

How to train your Dragon: resources for virtual performance

We invite players of orchestral instruments in city state secondary schools and academies to take part in Nottingham Music Hub's virtual performance of John Powell's terrific score to How to train your Dragon, alongside the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra, as part of Nottingham Music Hub's digital Christmas in the City 2020.

This page contains the resources you will need. You will need a password to access them. Your music teacher should have received the password, but for any problems contact

For more information about the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra click here or to see what our other virtual performances are like, click here or here

Orchestra parts for How to train your Dragon

Orchestra parts are approximately grade 4 standard on average - 1st parts are harder, 2nd parts easier

Please enter the password to access orchestra parts: View

Backing tracks for rehearsal and recording

There is a full backing track and then tracks broken down into sections. There are also notes to tune to.

You can take part in this in several ways:

  • Record the whole piece as one recording (using the Dragon Full BKTRK)
  • You might find it easier to record the piece broken down into sections (using the Dragon 01, Dragon 08, Dragon 14 etc BKTRKs)
  • Just record one or more sections rather than the whole thing (eg Dragon Start or Dragon 17)

Dragon 0 Start up to Fig 1

Dragon 01 = Fig 1 to Fig 6

Dragon 06 = Fig 6 to Fig 8

Dragon 08 = Fig 8 to Fig 11

Dragon 11 = Fig 11 to Fig 14

Dragon 14 = Fig 14 to Fig 17

Dragon 17 = Fig 17 to the end

Dragon Full = the whole thing

Please enter the password to download the backing tracks for rehearsal and recording View

Guidelines for making your recording and where to send it

Please read the guidelines carefully before recording and submitting your part. The deadline is 16th October 2020.


PDF file Download

YouTube clips

The following YouTube clips are not exactly the same as the orchestra arrangement, but they give some idea of how it goes...

This clip is like the start up to fig 6...

This clip is like Fig 8

This clip is like Fig 14

This clip, from 1:09, is like the 9th bar of Fig 14 onwards

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