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Every young person should be able to continue with their music making as they move from primary to secondary school. If your secondary school does not offer suitable instrumental teaching, Follow On might be right for you.

Follow On is designed for young people, living/studying within the Nottingham City boudnaries, who have completed their Whole Class Instrumental learning in primary school and have moved on to Nottingham City secondary schools, and want to continue learning the instrument they learnt in primary school. The idea is to help young people progress further so that they can continue benefitting from making music.

Please note that this particular provision is only available for young people whose schools do not provide suitable instrumental teaching. This means that either there is no instrumental teaching at their secondary school or perhaps there is no teaching for the instrument that they learned in primary school, or that the provision is too expensive.

The sessions take place on a weekly basis in small instrument groups (depending on number of participants). Participants are able to continue with their instrumental learning as well as benefit from making music in a group, meeting new people and making friends. Moreover, participants also get performance opportunities throughout the year at NMH events.

Follow On teaching is offered for the following instruments:

Violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, cornet, baritone, trombone and guitar*

If you play a different instrument, please email at and we might be able to find a solution for you.

* to be confirmed depending on availability of teachers

Cost: The fee for Follow On is on a sliding scale. Please see below for details.

For city pupils attending a NMH ensemble (e.g. RHYO Intermediate, Bloco Notto, Band Factory etc.): £78 per year, which INCLUDES the £48 annual fee for other NMS ensembles. This means that pupils will only be paying an additional £30 per year to attend Friday Follow On.

For city pupils on Free School Meals or Pupil Premium who are attending an NMS ensemble: £29 per year, which includes the £11 NMS ensemble fee that is already being paid so it is an additional £18 per year.

For city pupils not attending any NMS ensemble: £120 per year. Also, please note that Friday Follow On is not available for young people attending county schools.

Fees can also be paid in termly installments.

Follow On is NOT designed for:

  • New beginners / young people wanting to learn a new instrument
  • People looking for individual tuition
  • Students in a school that can provide good affordable tuition linked to ensembles
  • Students in fee-paying schools/county schools

If Follow On sounds like a good option for you, please download the form below.

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