Love music? We have what you want!

Keeping in line with current government guidelines, all our music ensembles are currently taking place online. Whether you have just started your musical journey or are looking to improve your skills even further, the Music Hub offers a range of ensembles and bands to help you on your mission to make music!

If you love making music, you've come to the right place. Browse our groups below to see which one is the best suited for you.

First Access

We offer instrumental teaching in primary schools across the city. Our programmes include Whole Class Ensemble as well as the transformative In Harmony project, adapted to suit different schools’ needs.

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Area Bands

Area Bands are open to all students in Nottingham City and are a great opportunity for children to improve their musical skills and make friends! Currently Area Band is free to join for all children.

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Robin Hood Youth Orchestra

Robin Hood Youth Orchestra (RHYO) is an exciting & evolving ensemble that plays a diverse range of music and performs at unique venues throughout the year.

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RHYO InterConnect

RHYO Intermediate and RHYO Connect have combined to form an even more spectacular ensemble: introducing RHYO InterConnect for 9-14 year old city pupils.

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Bloco Notto

Bloco Notto is our percussion group. Unfortunately, Bloco Notto is currently unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions. We hope to be up and running soon!

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Music Accreditation

We’re committed to helping young people with their musical progression. If you’re interested in gaining recognition, click to find out more.

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Instrument Loan & Hire

NMH offers an extended hire and loan scheme for people learning to play musical instruments in the city of Nottingham.

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