Music in Nottingham

Did you know Nottingham is one of the most diverse cities in the country? We have such an exciting mix of different cultures and each culture has its own kind of music. To celebrate these rich musical traditions, we are launching an exciting project called Music in Nottingham!

In your lessons this term, you are learning all about different kinds of music and how music is so important in many cultures. To celebrate the different kinds of musical cultures in Nottingham, we will be creating an interactive musical map of the city - and you can be part of this exciting project!

We would like you to interview a friend or a relative, and ask them about any particular musical pieces/songs or instruments that hold special value in their culture. And if you, your friends or family can play/sing this music, we would LOVE to hear it!

We'd also love to see any photographs or pictures that show any celebrations or events where you may hear this music (for example weddings or birthdays). If you can record your interview with your friend or family member, it would be perfect!

To submit any videos, recordings and/or photographs, please follow the below guidelines:

  1. Make sure you have completed Question 6 on the form and a parent/guardian has given permission
  2. Save each of your files as name>your school>description of content (for example: JohnB - ABC School - Interview with Mum)
  3. Send files to via In your email, please write the email address of the parent/guardian that was entered on the form.

The deadline to send in your entry is 19th March! So what are you waiting for? Let's make music!

Please fill out the form below to be part of the Music in Nottingham project.

Nottingham Music Hub