RHYO Intermediate Tour

Every year towards the end of summer term, RHYO Intermediate tours primary schools around Nottingham city and performs for school pupils.


RHYO Intermediate is our training orchestra. It leads to our most advanced ensemble the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra.

This tour gives school pupils a chance to see and hear what the RHYO Intermediate orchestra can do and it aims to inspire young people who have already begun their musical journey to carry on learning. It is a lovely demonstration for young people to see what they could achieve if they carry on making music and also see firsthand the benefits of joining an ensemble like RHYO Intermediate.

Intermediate Orchestra Tour 2018

This year, around 30 members of RHYO Intermediate participated in a two-day tour around Nottingham city primary schools from July 5 to July 6, 2018. They performed at the following schools:

Brocklewood Primary
Oakfield School
Hogarth Primary
Melbury Primary
Glenbrook Primary
Dunkirk Primary

We're very proud of our young musicians who played so beautifully at all the venues and have received great feedback from the attendees.

"...What a wonderful experience our children had today when RHYO Intermediate came to visit! The children and staff were really quite blown away by it! I have already had teachers asking if we can book you to come next year, one TA has said it has inspired her to make sure her children learn an instrument and the new Y4 teacher is very excited to learn the violin alongside the children next year. The buzz on the playground afterwards was fantastic and when I visited foundation the children were role playing the orchestra and had loads of instruments out. Please pass our thoughts to all your staff and the young people involved!"

Primary school headteacher

Nottingham Music Hub