Nusic School Tour

This November, we partnered with Nusic once again for a school tour in Nottingham City secondary schools. The tour was led by local musicians and artists to inspire young people to follow their dreams and pursue a career in a field they are passionate about. Check out Nusic for more information.

Nusic School Tour 2018

This year, Nusic and Nottingham Music Service visited the following schools for some great sessions and workshops:

Trinity Catholic School, Nottingham College (Clarendon), Bluecoat Academy, Aspley, Farnborough Academy, Bulwell Academy, Nottingham Free School, Ellis Guilford, Denewood Academy, Bluecoat Beechadale Academy and Westbury Academy.

A special thank you to Nusic for leading such great sessions and the artists:

See the video below for highlights from this year! Please note that keeping in line with the new GDPR regulations, young people were filmed in a way so as not to be recognised.

NUSIC tour in Nottingham City:

1 Week

10 Schools

983 Pupils

The NUSIC experience is always a positive one. The initial communication and organisation is excellent and the NUSIC team and visiting artists are always of a high standard. It has been great for Ellis Guilford students to see the performers and get feedback on their performances. Something that they would never have the opportunity to get had it not been for the NUSIC schools tour! The visiting artists have always been friendly and incredibly talented, they have communicated well and spoken with passion about music and their involvement

Head of Performing Arts at Ellis Guilford Sharon Jagdev-Powell (Dec 2018)

Nottingham Music Hub