MAB Week

March Area Band (MAB) Week will take place from Monday, March 9, 2020 to Thursday, March 12, 2020, featuring performances by all Area Bands and other NMH ensembles! More details to follow soon.

MAB Week 2019

Thank you for helping us make MAB Week such a success! We had four performances around the city to celebrate our Area Bands and share their musical achievements. Events also featured performances by RHYO Connect (Wind/Brass), Jazz Squad, Bloco Notto, StrOrkestra!, RHYO Connect (Strings) and Band Factory's Ellie.

MAB Week schedule was as follows:

March 11, Monday @ Nottingham Emmanuel featuring South Area Band and RHYO Connect - Wind/Brass

March 12, Tuesday @ Bulwell Academy featuring Area Bands North & North West, and RHYO Connect - Strings & Band Factory's Ellie

March 13, Wednesday @ Djanogly City Academy, Sherwood Rise Theatre featuring Area Bands East & Sherwood, and StrOrkestra! 

March 14, Thursday @ Bluecoat Academy, Aspley featuring Area Bands Central & West, Jazz Squad and Bloco Notto

We had over 270 Area Band participants perform over this week along with young people from our other ensembles. We want to thank Nottingham Emmanuel School, Bulwell Academy, Djanogly City Academy and Bluecoat Academy (Aspley) and the staff there that helped us organise these events. We also want to thank everyone who attended the events! Our bucket donatiosn were higher than ever with £370 donated in total over the four days! All these donations were doubled under the Catalyst: Evolve grant.

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