Light Night
7 February

Light Night 2020

Light Night, Nottingham’s creative event featuring eclectic and electric light installations, music, theatre and more, will be bigger and better than ever before this year, with the events spanning two days: February 7 - 8, 2020! Nottingham Music Hub is excited to be part of the festivities again this year. If you're out and about on Light Night, please do drop by St Peter's Church to check out some amazingly talented young musicians!

Our ensembles, including the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra and the RHYO Intermediate Orchestra, will be performing at St. Peter's Church on Friday, February 7 as part of Light Night 2020

Light Night Schedule

6.20pm - 6.30pm - Bloco performing outside Marks and Spencer near St. Peter's

6.30pm - 7.15pm - RHYO Connect groups, Band Factory's 3rd Fret, Bloco Notto and RHYO Intermediate

7.15pm - 8.15pm - INTERVAL

8.15pm - 9.15pm - Robin Hood Youth Orchestra

We will also have cakes and other sweet treats throughout the evening.

The event is free but as a charity, we would welcome donations!

Light Night 2019

We had a fantastic time performing as part of Nottingham City's Light Night 2019. The 12th year of Light Night celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo and the first man on the moon with beautiful illumination displays, music and theatre across the city. Nottingham Music Hub was delighted to have been a part of the fun!

A massive thank you to everyone who dropped by the beautiful St. Peter's Church to see our young musicians.

In the first half we had performances by:

  • RHYO Intermediate Orchestra
  • RHYO Connect - Wind/Brass
  • RHYO Connect - Strings
  • Bloco Notto
  • Band Factory

After the interval, we had a magical performance by our incredibly talented Robin Hood Youth Orchestra featuring classical, film and popular music including the Game of Thrones theme song, Swinging Safari and Jerusalem.

We raised £402 in donations! Thank you so very much for your support - all donations were DOUBLED through our Catalyst: Evole grant which means your support had twice the impact. All our proceeds go towards funding life-changing music programmes for Nottingham's young people.

We also want to thank the wonderful staff at St. Peter's Church and the Friends of Nottingham Music Service who managed the refreshments at the event and made sure that everyone's cake needs were met! Another thank you to everyone who donated cakes and baked goodies for the table. We couldn't do all this without you.

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