Joining Music Hub Ensembles

We are delighted to start this year with a range of exciting and fun ensembles where you can learn the kind of music you love, meet new people and make music together at iconic city venues.

How to Enrol in a Music Hub Ensemble:

All new and returning members need to fill out the Enrolment Form for 2021-22. Please follow the links below and make sure you've filled out the right form before your ensemble's first rehearsal.

For all Music Hub ensembles except for Area Bands, please fill out this form. Please note that for under 18 year olds, the form needs to be filled out by the parent/guardian. Once you've filled out the form, we will get in touch with more information. You can also find out about first rehearsals and event dates on our ensemble noticeboards:

InterConnect Notice Board

RHYO Notice Board

Area Band Enrolment Form

This year we are supporting schools with live Area Bands as well as offering online Area Band rehearsals. Please fill out the form below if your child is taking part in live or online band! If your child's school is taking part in live Area Bands, the schools are responsible for letting pupils know about the days and timings of rehearsals. Please talk to your school directly if you want to know more about live Area Band in your child's school.

If your school is not currently offering live Area Band rehearsals, or your child is unable to attend the school sessions, they are very welcome to take part in our online rehearsals.

Please fill out the Area Band Enrolment Form here.

Please note that all our twilight ensembles, Strings Folk Connect, Salsa Jazz Connect, Guitar Connect, Upbe^t, Bloco Notto and Robin Hood Young Voices, will start from the week begining Monday, 20th September 2021. Similarly, Area Bands will also start the week commencing 20th September.

If you're unsure which group is right for you, have a look at all the ensembles we have on offer here. Or you can call us at 07719146007 or 07564843944, or email and we will be more than happy to chat you through your options!

Enrolment Fees

Once you have submitted your online enrolment form, please use the links below to make the fee payment for 2021-22.

For young people who live in the city and/or study in a city state school, the annual cost of joining any music hub ensemble is £54 (£15 concessions). Please note that you only have to pay one annual fee but can be part of more than one Music Hub ensemble (for example, your child may play in RHYO InterConnect as well as Guitar Connect but just pay the ensemble fee ONCE).

For all other young people, please note that the annual cost of joining a music hub ensemble is £110.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss alternative payment options.

Enrolment Fee
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