Music Camp Funding Drive

For some of these children, Music Camp will be a gateway into a lifelong love of playing and listening to music. It brings them increased self-confidence and an increased self-esteem that comes from such a high level of achievement. The reality also is that without the music service funding, a high number of these children would be unable to experience something like this and their musical education would never take off.

Dovecote Primary School teacher

Music Camp Donation Drive: Raising 3k in 30 Days!

To mark our 10th year of Music Camp – a 2-day residential for Nottingham city pupils that combines musical learning with outdoor activities in the beautiful Peak District, we decided to hold a fundraising drive to raise money for next year's camp.

Our goal was to raise £3,000 over 30 days, which would fund 33 children’s trip to Ilam Hall in Peak District, and thanks to everyone of you who donated and/or passed on the message, we were able to reach our target. We are SO grateful to all our donors and supporters. Thank you for helping us make music make a difference. 

Why do we need funding?

While the camp costs us approximately £90 per child, we only charge schools £21 per pupil because we want to make the residential accessible for all families.

Nearly 2/3rds of children in the city live in a household with low income or where no adults work. We want all children to have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Peak District and learn musical techniques and skills!

Pupils leave Music Camp excited and motivated to continue music making and a majority of them join Area Bands, our afterschool music ensembles that provide excellent teaching and performance opportunities throughout the year!

Nottingham Music Hub