VQ Create Composition Project

Looking for a creative music project for your teenager?

VQ Create is a composition project open to students aged 14-18 in the East Midlands, to write music for a professional string quartet. Working with the Villiers Quartet (Quartet-in-Residence at Oxford University), and with Professor Elizabeth Kelly from the University of Nottingham, students will have the chance to write a short string quartet (between 1-2 minutes long) and have their work video-recorded. Students will have online sessions with the Villiers Quartet to create a new work specifically for string quartet. All styles and genres of music are encouraged.

Participation in the project is free, and space is limited so please visit www.villiersquartet.com/VQCreate to sign up. The Villiers Quartet are holding info sessions about the project on June 22 and 29 for students to find out more!

Parents and Teachers: If you have specific questions, please contact Carmen Flores (Project Lead) at info@villiersquartet.com with "VQ Create" in the subject heading

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