Samba Triplet

Hi everyone. 

Please have a go at these triplet exercises in your practice routines. They're really worthwhile to work through on a practice pad or any drum. If you're lucky enough to have a drumkit in your house all of the patterns sound great if you move them around your toms, working them into your grooves and fills. Always look to provide some root notes with the feet too.

The 6/8 clave pattern (a rhythm also known as Bembe in lots of cases) is a tricky one but is super funky once mastered. Again, this is great on one drum or pad - look to get some different tones out of the drum as you groove on the pattern. On a kit, this clave sounds great as a ride cymbal pattern with a steady pulse underneath from your feet and the left hand 'jumping on' to different notes of the Clave. Have fun with it!

Best wishes, Ceri. 


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