Making Music Make a Difference

"Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

Making music is powerful - it brings people together, gives us refuge from the worries of life, boosts our confidence and makes us happy. Here we're sharing some stories about the impact of music on young people's lives.

Born to be a Drummer

Fred, 11, was making music when he was just a toddler – “I was always banging on saucepans with wooden spoons!” he said.

While Fred started drum lessons at age 7, it was not till last year (2018) when he first performed in front of people. He came to Band Factory with his father and was immediately introduced to potential bandmates. When asked to do a short demo, Fred panicked and said he couldn’t play in front of other people.

However, a little encouragement from the Band Factory staff and a couple of rehearsals later, Fred was playing on stage at Rough Trade in Lace Market, Nottingham – one of the most popular venues in the city for small gigs. “I was terrified,” Fred admitted, “but it was really fun.”

Fred and his band have since then performed another bigger gig at Nottingham College to celebrate Halloween. “I was shocked that I can do this [perform in front of people],” he said. He feels he is a lot more confident as a musician since he joined Band Factory and he loves attending rehearsals every week. The equipment and facilities provided by Nottingham Music Hub are excellent and he also really appreciates the opportunities he gets to perform with his band.

“I want to be a musician and a professional YouTuber when I grow up,” Fred said, adding that he would like to move abroad to America - that is if his bandmates and [future] girlfriend agree!

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